Precious Blood Riruta

Precious Blood is a National Girls’ Boarding school that offers the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). We facilitated teaching and learning of music through the instrumental program. We were able to facilitate instrumental learning for the girls usually on Sunday afternoons, facilitate transport for instrumental tutors, many of whom were alumni and volunteers, facilitate acquisition of instrumental resources, some through donations, facilitates maintenance of instruments and resources, through service and workshops, facilitate access to copies of tutor books and other learning materials. We also facilitated the growth of a vibrant partnership between Nairobi School and Precious Blood, which culminated in joint ensembles, Orchestra and Choir, which performed together at the Kenya Music Festival. Other than sharing musical insights, there was a strong sense of peer – mentorship that developed and fostered their development. Some learners also sat and passed their Graded music exams, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). We were unable to carry on with this project after a change in administration at the school and the introduction of government policies barring private tutoring in public schools. We were not invited back after 2016. However, we have been asked to resume lessons in January 2020.

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