About Harmony Kenya

The Harmony Kenya Foundation is a Trust whose main objective is to establish or support already established music departments in Government schools.

After teaching music in both private and government schools for over 25 years, Mr. Moses Watatua, the founder of this trust, has become more and more concerned about the disparity in the availability and quality of music education in Kenya between the private and government schools.

Talent in the government schools is hardly being harnessed hence denying pupils the opportunity to develop their gifts for their own future.

Goals of the trust

  • Providing resources (Human, structural, financial and teaching)
  • Teaching
  • Creating mentorship programs – Older student or Alumni students teach younger students
  • Career guidance for music students
  • Sensitize school communities on the impact of music in the society
  • Continuous professional development for teachers and trainers
  • Improve teaching methodology
  • Provide information and connect students/teachers to post secondary opportunities for music both locally and internationally
  • Social/Community Work

Our Partners

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